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2015 SURF & TURF Q&A


2015 SURF & TURF Q&A

Any questions we receive from the athletes will be posted here with answers so all the teams can read them.

* Q: (WORKOUT #4) What kind of kicking is allowed on the paddleboard kick?
* A: Any kind of kicking is allowed: flutter, whip/frog, dolphin, etc.

* Q: (WORKOUT #1 & #2) What kind of barbells will be used?
* A: On workout #1A: men’s (45#) for the bench press and fat bar (25#) for the deadlift. On workout #1B: men’s (45#) for the clean. On workout 2: one men’s bar (45#) and one women’s bar (35#).

* Q: (WORKOUT #2) On the thrusters, can the non-working team member hold the bar in the rack while the working team member is doing thrusters?
* A: Sure, but you still have to do a hand slap during the transition. If you can hand slap while holding the bar in the rack, go for it.

* Q: (WORKOUT #2) Can you squat clean on the first thruster of a set?
* A: Yes.

* Q: (WORKOUT #1) Do we have to use clips when changing the weight?
* A: As a safety issue due to the proximity of the teams, clips will be mandatory on the bench press and cleans. There will be no clips for the fat bars (we actually don’t have any that fit the bar).

* Q: (WORKOUT #1B) Do we have to complete 4 burpees if we want to do cleans that don’t count as attempts?
* A: No. Only burpees need to be completed on actually attempts. Remember, if you succeed on a bunch of practice cleans, but then fail on your attempts, your score will be 0. For example, Jill does 4 burpees and hits 155#. Jack hits 155#, then hits 185#. He then does 4 burpees and fails #205. The team score would be Jill: 155 and Jack: 0 for a 155 total.

* Q: (WORKOUT #4) Are the kettlebell swings Russian or American?
* A: American

* Q: (WORKOUT #2) On the burpees over box, can I use my hands on the box?
* A: Regardless of Rx or Scaled, only the feet can touch the box.

* Q: (WORKOUT #3 & #4) What am I allowed to wear in the pool?
* A: You can wear goggles, nose or ear plugs, but nothing on your feet.

* Q: (WORKOUT #1A) In the scaled division, can a male just leave the 5 pound weight on for the bench so the weight will be 145#?
* A: Sure. That is okay.

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