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Alyssa & Nils

Alyssa & Nils Success Story

Alyssa & Nils

We were lucky to find each other early on in our young lives. Health, however, was a non priority in our relationship. Smoking cigarettes, drinking with our friends, and eating unhealthy food were regular activities. We tried making changes to our lifestyle, but our bad habits were hard to break. After years of unsuccessful efforts to get in shape, and desperation for a healthier future together, we decided to take the plunge to try CrossFit!

Initially, it was scary and intimidating, but it was the best decision we have ever made. The coaches and community make all the difference in the world with their encouragement and support. We have never felt embarrassed or judged, even in the constant presence of incredible athletes. CrossFit Mariner Square has changed our lives and given us a chance to be better for ourselves and for each other. We are in the best shape of our lives and are making measurable improvements consistently. All the other aspects of a healthy lifestyle seem to just fall into place when you start seeing changes. Our motivation to perform has surpassed our desire to look a certain way. That shift in mindset has given us the opportunity to view ourselves as athletes, and it keeps us motivated everyday. We feel incredibly fortunate to have found a new lifestyle and a new home within the community at CFMS!

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