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Indoor Opening!


Indoor Opening!

Hi everyone!

Wanted to update everyone on how we are progressing. Starting Monday, October 26th, we will be opening the indoor area. The outdoor area will still be available for those that are more comfortable outside. Classes will be limited to a total of eight people with a limit of six indoors.

The indoor areas will be spaced out and each space will have its own equipment and pull-up rig area. Masks will still be required. The gym’s air system (which includes a Merv-13 filter) is on and will be continuously recirculating the air.

We have also improved our cleaning protocols and will be cleaning all the active areas after classes by using a sprayer. This includes equipment as well. Members should still clean their equipment after use because you do sweat, use chalk, etc., but our cleaning will add another layer of disinfection. Due to this cleaning, the evening class times will change on the 26th to 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM and 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Memberships will be resuming on November 1st. Those of you that are members don’t have to worry about anything as you will automatically be activated. This will grant you unlimited CrossFit classes again, but you will still need to use the reservation system due to the class limits. Anyone can still drop-in by signing up for a class through the reservation system but the $15 rate will increase to $20 on November 1st as well.

Also, we will continue to provide Beyond The Whiteboard tracking for those of you that are members but on November 1st, anyone on our system who is not a member will be booted and have to subscribe on their own.

Some things that are on the top of our list:
1. Adding Tuesday and Thursday morning classes.
2. Changing the eight-hour pre-booking window and lowering that to one hour.
3. Adding a class or open gym after 7.

Things should continue to improve as we go forward so thank you to everyone that has stuck it out with us through these tough times.

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