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Outdoor Workout Tips


Outdoor Workout Tips

Here’s the procedure when you come to your first outdoor class:
1. Be a little early to class. It will give us time to answer any questions you have and allow you time to setup your personal stuff.
2. Right before class starts, the trainer will take your temperature. If it’s 100 or higher then you will have to leave unfortunately. We won’t tell you what to do but you won’t be allowed to come back to class for 2 weeks.
3. When class starts, you will be given a cleaning bottle and cleaning rag then given a workout area.
4. Next, you will take your equipment to your workout area.
5. After having fun and working out, you will clean all your equipment thoroughly. After that you can leave. The trainer will return the equipment back inside and gather the cleaning equipment.

Here’s some other information to know:
= You must wear a mask at all times. Even during the workout.
= You need to bring all your own personal equipment. We will not provide any of the following: bands or any other mobility equipment, jump rope, weight belts, or chalk.
= If your jump rope or weight belt is in the box, you can grab that and take it with you. You will not be able to store those items in the box.
= You will have access to a bathroom.

If you have questions let us know. Once again, things could change but these are the current procedures and rules. Thanks everybody.

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